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Container deliveries of China animal breeding equipments to Africa

China small breeding equipments

With a Canadian representative in Ivory Coast we are a Canadian company managing a subsidiary trade company in the USA and Emirates, dealing with Asia and Africa for years.

Our Canadian and USA companies supply with reliable services directly from China all products by 20 feet (27-30 sqm) or 40 feet high cube (65-68 sqm) containers.

As we are direct partmer with a wholeseller and retailer in Ivory Coast we selected the best ratio quality price products needed by African poultry and livestock farmers.

Of course nowdays anybody can seek any product with Alibaba China but who can be sure the seller is the actual exporter or producer; how to be sure the customer does not contact to compare prices the same company with several corporate names, furthermore how to be sure that the delivered goods are exactly those ordered,...

Regardless the costs and the time anybody can easily visit some factories in China but who can stay for each order to check the goods loaded in the containers.

In business there are not so many secrets. How to be sure there is not a trick for the last price offer the customer got after he bargained a long time. How to be sure the electric motors are pure copper winding and not an alloy, ...

Of course some countries request Veritas or SGS controls but most of time these are formal and not with a physical checking. All our containers are checked before sending by our Canadian representative company in China.

Best sellers farm products - CE certified factory

Abreuvoir automatique poulet
  Plasson type automatic drinkers for poultry.
Soft water pipe rolls for automatic drinkers
Poultry drinkers
  Poultry drinkers 1L - 1.5L - 3L - 6L - 11L - 14L.
Chicken feeders
  Poultry anti waste feeders 1.5kg - 3kg - 5kg - 9kg - 14kg
Chicks feeders
  Chicks feeders 36cm - 43cm - 52cm
Crate for poultry transport
  Chicken transport coops /cages (new HDPP)
2 parts
75 x 55 x 27cm
, 4,1kg (standard)
Heavy crate for poultry transport
  Chicken transport coops /cages (new HDPP)
6 parts
75 x 55 x 27cm
, 5,3kg (standard)
96 x 56 x 27cm, 7,5kg (Europe)

Chicken blinders

Water saving faucet for pigs


Chicken peepers / blinders 5,5cm
Blinders, also known as peepers, are devices fitted through the beaks of poultry to block their forward vision and assist in the control of feather pecking, cannibalism and sometimes egg-eating. In laying hens, blinders have been shown to reduce feather pecking, improve food utilisation (due to less spillage) and increase egg production.

Water saving faucet for pigs
Pig nipple drinker starting 10kg - 22 mm diameter

Electric hot debeaking machines
  Electric hot debeaking machines
Automatic eggs incubators & hatchers

Automatic single or combinated incubators hatchers from 328 to 50088 eggs See
Spare parts for maintenance and local production of hatchers See
We supply also the suitable generators, the voltage stabilizers and the egg candling tables

Elelectric chicken pluckers
  Elelectric rotative chicken pluckers See
Chicken plucker fingers
Quail plucker fingers
100% copper winding electric motors for chicken pluckers

Other farm equipments

Vertical electric 1000 and 2000 kg per hour mixers-grinders for animal feeding production see
3 phases 7,5 and 11 kw electric motors to run animal feeding mixer grinders

Corn decorticators, 4-5 tonnes per hour, diesel or electric see

Corn driers 15 to 60 tonnes per 24h, see

Egg trays machine, see

Poultry slaughters 100 and 200 chicken per hour see

General indicative cataloque for full container orders

Products volumes & weights examples for container deliveries


For all animal feeding and technical products we recommend to Africa breeders Vitalac France for poultry, bovines, pigs, rabbits,... Vitalac exports towards over 60 countries and offers customized services

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